Apr 20, 2010


Howdy folks. It's been a while. You see, there is a lot going on here with us before we can move on to our new post. Moving out of our current apartment and Neil writing his thesis are the two big things. But I wanted to update you on our housing situation in Oxford. ** Update: We are still homeless ** But rest assured we still have plenty of time (according to Neil). See finding a place in Oxford while I'm in New York and Neil is in Spain has been interesting. Our conversations have been going something like this...

Me: "We neeeeeed to find a place to live soon. I'm a woman and our breed needs a place to call home, a place to put our things. I need to get address labels printed!"

Neil: "Don't worry, we'll find something soon. What do you think about this?

Pause. Silence.

Me: " Whaaaaat? A houseboat? No way."

Neil: "But it's available and they allow cats. It would be awesome to be the only couple in Oxford living in the only houseboat in Oxford."

Me: "Okay well maybe. Morning coffee on the River Thames might be nice. But if we're going all the way to England can we go for something a little less shrimp boat/ Jenny 2?"

Then we died laughing thinking about the cats running around on a wobbly boat. Trying to keep the humor in life! Needless to say we're still working on finding something, and will keep you posted.
{side note. LOVE that the boat is named Willow. Anyone ever see that movie? Hysterical}