Feb 22, 2011


It's been a while since I posted anything with any real substance. 
Things got really busy after the holidays and somehow it's almost March already. 
It's been 2 months since I've taken any real pictures and I miss it.
So I signed up for another photography class and will have more to share soon. 
In the meantime, here are a few recent photos taken by a potential wedding photographer.
We had a sort of engagement/test the photographer session that they offered us.

Feb 11, 2011


** Warning **
The photos below are incriminating evidence
You may fall victim to a melting heart which may lead to long term "cat-ladiness"

Okay, so I never was much of a cat girl.
But this little guy got me.
He has the most ridiculous personality, as you can see.
His sister can be seen in the background, disapproving of his flamboyant sunbathing.
She's pretty cool too.
Cue the cat-lady jokes.
And thanks to my friend Laine for the Wanted Poster idea.
The pictures came from my sister - Caretaker and Cat-lady stand in
They don't seem to be missing us at all.
Have a lovely weekend!

Feb 9, 2011

All You Need is Love...

Cue the trumpets and the Beatles
because it's that time of year again.
What will you be doing to celebrate love this year?
Neil and I will be pressing on with wedding planning and cooking dinner at home together.
I think that's enough for me!
I'm particularly excited for the holiday this year, just because.
{The parentals on day 1, going on year 41.}
Happy Valentine's Day all!

Feb 6, 2011


We were excited to have our friend Evan visit us this past weekend. 
She works in London often, and lucky for us she comes a few days early to stay with us in Oxford.
We got some wedding planning done, walked all over Oxford, and ate at Jamie Oliver's restaurant.
In two weeks, we have more friends coming and couldn't be more excited.
It's just a taste of what is to come in August for the wedding. 
We can't wait to have our close friends and family here to celebrate. 
Take a look at an oldie but goodie of the fam. 
Not sure what we were making faces at, but this just makes me laugh.
Hope you had a great weekend.