Aug 1, 2010


Hello all. We're back from Dublin. The trip started off on a stressful note because we hit two extra hours of traffic on the way to London and were very close to missing our flight and potentially the whole trip. But it must have been the luck of the Irish because we made it and so did our bag. We spent most of our time in Dublin, but also spent a day on the west coast to see the beautiful Cliffs of Moher, and also a half day in a small seaside town called Dalkey Village. The weather changed about every ten minutes but for the most part it was clear and nice. We had such a great trip. Now we're off to do laundry and unpack and Neil starts work tomorrow!

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Jon said...

Julie, I'm really enjoying the updates. Please keep them coming. But tell Neil to get a haircut and stop trying to look like an expatriate.