Sep 4, 2010

Swamp Bugs

Mom, I know you may be worried that I might be losing touch with my southern roots, picking up British slang, and saying 'cheers mate' instead of 'bye y'all.' Or maybe that I've stopped drinking CC's in favor of tea. But you can rest assured that I'm still holding tight to a lot of southern traditions. With college football back on you can bet we will be cooking some red beans and rice. Neil and I are staying up late tonight to watch the Tigers and Tar Heels battle it out (but really it will be a one sided battle, right? Let's hope). 8pm kick off, means 1am our time. Real fans, huh?

You will also be very happy to know that I've been nourishing myself with some good ol' crawfish. That's right, they have crawfish here. They may be from the Thames, called crayfish, and served cold in a mayonnaise type salad on a po'boy brown roll...but they are pretty darn good. I might just have to break out the trinity and show some English friends how to really cook them swamp bugs- Étouffée! Or better yet, if I can find them live in bulk next season, we may be rolling out the paper and having ourselves a good old fashion cajun crawfish boil.

Okay, we're off to watch some football and enojy some American traditions across the pond. A very happy birthday to Neil's dad, Jim. Hope you're having a great weekend!

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