Oct 5, 2010

Oxford Delights

The weather has been pretty rainy and cold lately. But Saturday turned out to be a really nice day. We attended an afternoon event at the business school and met a lot of new people. Then we spent the afternoon outdoors, enjoying a seemingly rare sunny fall day in Oxford. That night we attended another event at Merton where we met a lot of new people there, as well. It was a day full of meeting new people and getting more immersed into Oxford life.

 I just love all of the ivy here- and now that it's fall it's really pretty.

 More beautiful fall ivy

 Merton gardens

 We happened upon the induction of the new college Warden in front of the Merton chapel

I think it might be time to finally read Lord of the Rings, especially with JRR Tolkien having been a Mertonian.

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