Nov 17, 2010

Just a muggle in a world of wizards

Oxford has inevitably been compared to the wizard world of Harry Potter for years now.
But the past few weeks have been eerily wizardly.
Might be because of Halloween or the early darkness of daylight savings,
but I'm convinced that J.K. Rowling drew her inspiration from the colleges of Oxford.
I have had three situations in the last few weeks where I truly felt like
a muggle among the wizards.
Allow me to expand...

First, Matriculation Day.
In the most literal sense, matriculation means registration day.
The Oxford translation = tens of thousands of students and professors
roaming the college grounds in their sub fusc robes.

Second, Formal Dining:
Long mahogany tables in a darkly lit room. A blessing in Latin. Everyone is sub fusc robes.
Hogwarts, no?


Third, Merton Time Ceremony:
A tradition at Merton College the night of autumn daylight savings.
For an hour, everyone walks around the quad backwards.

"The TIME CEREMONY takes place in the Fellows quad at 2 am on the last Sunday in October.
It is performed by the students of Merton and conducted by some of the fellows.
Sub fusc has to be worn.
In recent years port wine has become an increasingly important part in the ceremony."

When is the last time you felt out of place because you were NOT wearing a funny robe
and walking backwards?
Not in Oxford.
I can assure you, you'd fit right in.

Sometimes I really feel like a muggle in a world of wizards.

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Anonymous said...

Julie you have such command of words!!!!! JR would be so proud, as we are. Any pictures of you and Neil at the formal dinner planned for this week (if I remember correctly???)Your Dad came home with a terrible cold and now I think I am coming down with it. I have been having a teaspoon of honey in the AM and the PM and that has really helped. I have been into the honey for a couple of months now and it just help control coughing and good for general health. I am a believer. Your pictures were super. Our love to you and Neil and have a great weekend.

Much love, D and M