Nov 25, 2010

Thanksgiving in England

It's really just any other day...

I had dreams of turkey and stuffing last night and will be wearing my stretchy comfy pants tonight to live vicariously.
Wait, who am I kidding? I wear stretchy comfy pants every night.
 Much to my roommate's chagrin.

But just a quick note to say we are very thankful for such supportive and loving friends and family,
health and happiness, and the wonderful opportunities that have made their way into our lives.

It's a big football weekend.
Relax and enjoy a wonderful meal.
And then all the leftovers!

Some beautiful table settings found on the world wide web.

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Anonymous said...

Julie you do a beautiful job with your photography and words, all so very lovely. Tough weekend for LSU as those Razorbacks are always a tough match for LSU. LSU did not play well or smart as they did when they played BAMA, 3 opportunities to score and nothing. Well now I want South Carolina to beat Auburn Sat. at 4 PM-sounds like a good day for gumbo!!!! I fixed jambalaya on Sat. with andouille sausage, ham and turkey-really good and the moisture level was great-more on the dry side which we prefer. Used a base recommended by Ethel, Oak Grove, cannot find here but bought a couple of packages before we left BR. Again Sweetheart you do a gorgeous job with the blog!!!! Ms. Fran says the prettiest areas of the UK are Upper Heyford, Oxford and Cambridge. She send her best and just came back from 12 days in Italy, mostly Rome, highly recommends. Maybe summer 2012!!!! Love you guys lots-M and D