Dec 5, 2010

Black & White

I took a black and white photography class in Oxford back in October.
It's been a while since I've really thought in black and white. 
Now, we just take color pictures and click a button to change it.
In fact, it's been since the dark room in college when I really thought about contrast and exposure.
Now that things are digital, it's takes a different eye to see in black and white.
So it was a fun way to challenge myself to think about my photos in a different way.

 The instructor said I should share my photos and also make some actual prints- to really enjoy them.
I guess that is the whole point to photography. 
My style is more - take some shots and keep them tucked away in computer files.

England has beautiful gardens everywhere.
The nature shots above were taken at Rousham House Gardens. 
The dusty fan is well, our dusty fan. Don't judge.

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Anonymous said...

Julie the pictures of you and Neil are stunning. Here, here for good ole Mr. Bunny Wrabbit!!!!! years ago I had a suede coat with a wreal wrabbit collar and it felt so good and was so warm. The shade of green you wore really complimented you. Neil looks grand complete with WHITE tie. The pictures of nature wonderful and the dusty fan, well you are truly my child...My fans need to be reported to the EPA!!!! Got picture of Dad and I wedding but looking for a couple more. It is tough after a long day at work and today was even longer as I broke a filling and part of a crown so was at the dentist til 7 PM tonight-but got both teeth repaired. We went to a Michael W. Smith concert, his Christmas concert with the VA symphony-it was an absolutely religious experience, just beautiful and moving. Quite cold last night for the 7 PM curtain call about 20. We had a dusting of snow over Sat. nite into Sunday, really pretty. Got to go-how were the visits to the chapels. Love to you both, lots of love- Mom and Dad