Jan 8, 2011

Christmas week

Happy New Year!
Christmas week was really cold in England
but we managed to get out and about and see a lot. 
But not without these on...
We took a little day trip into the Cotwolds

Then to Birmingham for the German Christmas Market
The food was the most impressive part about the German market.
We were hoping to find unique things, but we only got sausage and chocolate covered marshmallows.
So we left early for a quick jaunt over to Stratford upon Avon,
Shakespeare's birthplace.
 Christmas day was sunny and cold so we took a long walk along the river.
The river was semi frozen and it was strange to see seagulls and ducks walking on ice.

The pub on the river was open and packed with people.
We stopped in for a glass of mulled wine and some tea.

Then because it gets dark here at 3:30, we started to head back home
and caught a great sunset.

I'll be back soon with some pictures from Slovenia.

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