Apr 6, 2011

All Smiles

I received this precious picture in my inbox last week.
It is Neil's Mom.
I find that it's not always immediately obvious who someone is when you look at their baby pictures.
It sometimes takes a double glance as we all change and our features look a bit different.
But I must say that Mrs. Smith looks exactly as she did as a young girl.
And I'm so glad to finally have some old pictures from Neil's family.
You all know I love pictures, and well old pictures are even more special. 

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Nancy said...

I look at that picture and can't believe it is me. I wonder if Neil had had a sister - would she have looked like me?
I went to the Shabby Apple site and loved the dresses. I also enjoy the catalogue that comes to our house called Boden. Love the shoes in there.
Enjoy your blog Nancy