Apr 14, 2011

April Showers

Last weekend I co-hosted a baby shower for Henry's mom, Meghan.
It was a beautiful day, 75°F or about 20°C and sunny.
Our house was full of dear friends and new friends,
wonderful food and yummy drinks.
Meg, my partner in crime is a professional baker. No really.
Guests were offering her money on the spot for a box of her macaroon cakes!
You can check out her new blog here.  
Naturally she was in charge of baking (and a million other things).

Cake, Meg's photo and baking

Macaroon cakes, Meg's photo and baking

So as not to inundate our guests with paparazzi style picture taking,
I let Meg take the lead on pictures at the shower.
So I'm using all of hers:) Thanks Meg!

I was in charge of drinks and other food.

Sparkling lemonade, Meg's photo

Menu, Meg's photo

We had great fun creating the menu together and decorating.
It was a very successful collaboration, I must say.
Hosts with the Guest of Honor, Meg's photo
So check out Meg's blog and you'll want an invite to our next event for sure.
M&J events coming soon in 2011.

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Nancy said...

Your shower looked like it was so much fun. The cake remined me of a UNC tarheel cake.