Apr 27, 2011

Life, as we love it

I saw this picture recently and immediately loved it.
I could "read" an atlas for hours - literally.
How fun is it to travel to a new city and on your way get a feel
for the layout and location of the places you want to see?
Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.
We had a nice long weekend and fun trip up to Scotland (more to come on that tomorrow).
This week is only a three day week for me with another 4 day weekend to look forward to!
Thank you Wills and Kate for planning your wedding on a 3 day weekend.
I feel so close to all the mayhem, yet so far away.
I can't wait to watch the Royal Wedding, but I will be far away from London on Friday.
I'm not a big fan of crowds, and I would like to actually see the whole event.
I will live vicariously through my friends who will be there (in London not at Westminster).
Speaking of weddings - there is another wedding in England coming up which is only 100 days away. Yikes!
Trying not to stress.
More soon!

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