Apr 4, 2011


My photography class encourages creating and working on projects.
Especially to take a step out of my comfort zone of travel photography and random picture taking.
So I asked my friends (who are expecting a baby next month) if I could take some pictures of them.
And they kindly agreed.
The hardest part about doing this type of project is giving direction.
You can't just say to "act natural" because let's be honest,
it's not very natural when someone is taking pictures of you.
But it's much easier with friends.
So I tried my best and had some fun with it.
For my next project I will challenge myself a bit more
and try to work with people I don't really know and see how I do...

 They are photogenic - which makes it easy too!
 Trying to get a little creative

Daffodils are in full bloom here
Oh and Henry is his name
Thanks to Meghan and Rob for letting me take some photos
and to have a little project to work on.
I can't wait for Henry to arrive!

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Laine said...

I love love love the nametag photo - so witty and adorable. And the hands as heart on her belly. You're so talented! Miss you!