Apr 18, 2011

The Vespa has arrived!!

I had an exciting delivery awaiting me this evening with my name on it.
Pretty much the largest delivery I've ever had.
It wasn't the easiest to open. (Thanks Neil!)
But once we got the crate open, it was so fun to unwrap!
Please ignore the ironing board holding up our garage door.
We are having issues with it.
Isn't it a beauty?
Mr. Smith did such an amazing job restoring it. 
It looks brand new.
I can't wait to ride it.
But for now, we have a Vespa in our living room:)
I may or may not just hang out on it while watching tv. 
I should be all set for the open road in a few short weeks. 
Ah- so excited about this addition!


Nancy said...

The crater did a good job!! I can't wait until you get to ride.

apupandaparsnip said...

Ah! It's so wonderful! What a fun fun fun fun fun new addition! I know you love it! It's beautiful.

Aspiring Kennedy said...

no way!!! how exciting! i can't wait to see you scooting down trinity street on it. :) looks amazing!