May 15, 2011

Oxford Rugby

  Last week Cambridge came to Oxford for some good old fashion competition.
Business school vs. business school.
Events ranged from chess to tennis, cricket, rugby, and even tug of war.
It was fun to go out and watch Neil and his friends play rugby for the first time.
The WAGS (wives and girlfriends) were cringing on the sidelines with each tackle.
But everyone made it off the field in one piece, with a win for Oxford to boot.

 There was a cricket game on the next field.
 Neil getting tackled :(

 It was the weirdest weather. Sunny one minute and cloudy the next. Typical England.
 Cheers to Pete (the coach) for the successful win.
 Little Archer wanted to play too.
Don't worry, they were just practicing here. 

 Archer, aka equipment manager
Archer being 2 years old and not wanting to get off the field:)
Go Oxford!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I watched Neil play lacrosse and really cringed so I imagine I would do the same watching a rugby match. He always wanted to play football and tackle someone. Now he gets his chance.
Archer is too cute. He will be a rugby "tough" one day.