Jul 15, 2011

Camera phone dump

I wish I could carry my DSLR with me everywhere.
But it's cumbersome and not something I grab for every day.
(It would be in my dream day job though)
There have been many moments in Oxford and our various travels that have not been documented, unfortunately.
 But every once and a while I remember I have a camera phone.
Thought I'd share some of those shots from the last year.
In no particular (and very random) order...
 Folly Bridge
 Christ Church gardens
 Head of the River
 Sunset over the Alps from the plane
 More beautiful Alps - Slovenia
 My boss owns a large piece of property with an impressive garden and carved shrubs!
 Blenheim Palace, Woodstock
 Pretty Oxford skyline
 Back to Slovenia- boarding the plane
 Wow- now we're in Louisiana and this is my cousin Miles with an alligator he caught while we were fishing. Haha! Two very different worlds.
 Andy Warhol, The Tate Modern in London
 Christmas lights in Oxford- bikes get Oxfordonians in the holiday spirit.
 Cute post office in Cumnor Village
 Waggle Dance - good marketing for women because it's "cute"
 Lincoln College Quad- after dinner. Love the ivy
 More Lincoln, more beautiful ivy
 Lincoln College library- very impressive
 Evening walk along the Thames and the horses were out
 Walking through Christ Church meadow to dinner at the McCosker's
 Magdalen Tower
 Rose Lane- rose garden

 Pretty roses
Top deck bus ride in the rain
 I hope I'm still working out at 100. But I also think it's slight discrimination to cap it at 100.
I think it should just be open ended, don't you?
 Cute curly haired pigs from a local farm at The Oxford Castle Food festival
 Right around the corner was a demonstration on how to butcher various cuts of pork. Poor guys

 Back to Slovenia. This is some magical Christmas space fairy on a tall chair who managed to draw a huge crowd and line. When it was your turn you walked under the fairy person and she then placed styrofoam balls at the end of a fishing pole on your head. We think she either read your thoughts on what you wanted for Christmas or would grant you a wish? What ever happened to simply sitting on Santa's lap? Is that American only? We watched this for a good 10 minutes to try to figure out what was going on.
 Strange styrofoam balls on fishing line- better view
 In keeping with non traditional Christmas things- the lights in Slovenia were very.....
scientific on this one street.
I think that's a black hole, the sun, the Milky Way , meteors, and maybe a neutron star.
Yes, it's definitely a Christmas neturon star.
Oh wait, what a jolly and spirited strand of a DNA ladder- in lights!
I will leave you with that.
Have a great weekend!

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