Aug 9, 2011

The Hen and The Stag

Forgive me for neglecting the blog again. 
I'm back and on cloud 9 from the best weekend of my life. 
Our friends and family are so wonderful to us and we owe the amazing weekend to them all. 
Before I even touch on the wedding, I need to back track a little and share some pre-wedding fun. 
Namely, our surprise Hen and Stag weekend. 
Our lovely Oxford friends went above and beyond to surprise us both with our own "Hen and Stag do" 
aka Bachelorette and Bachelor parties.

I was in London getting my hair done and thinking I was meeting up with Neil for the day...
when in walk my friends, champagne in hand,
with a surprise weekend in store for me. 
They rented a flat and so very thoughtfully decorated it in a Parisian theme.
We wined and dined and I so enjoyed the evening with my girls. 
We even had manicures and pedicures while sipping champagne. Divine. 
Then, the talented Meg dressed us all in handmade skirts and Moulin Rouge feathers.
We hit up Londontown and found ourselves covered in neon paint and dancing the night away. 
I feel so lucky to have met such great friends in Oxford. 
It's only the beginning of many memories to come. 
Thank you all so much!
I think this picture pretty much says it all. It was a blast!

Little did Neil know that while he was in on the secret for my Hen party, 
the guys were busy planning his Stag party back in Oxford.
When Neil showed up to what he thought was a casual BBQ with the guys, 
The guys were all decked in in "Neil attire"- double popped collars and aviators.
They played cricket

And even humored Neil by playing our favorite game, Photohunt. 
Thank you to our friends for thinking of us and making our Stag and Hen parties so much fun.
This is only the beginning of what they have all done to make the time leading up to our wedding 
and the wedding weekend itself, so very very special.
Cheers friends!

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