Jan 16, 2011

Ringing of the Bells

One thing I found rather strange in Slovenia was all the bells that ring. 
Don't get me wrong, I love when I can hear church bells ringing in the hour.
I can sometime hear them at Christ Church College Chapel from our house. 
I love it. Feels very European.
But in Bled, they rang every 15 minutes...and sometimes for minutes at a time.
We were staying right next to a church and could hear them every 15. 
I would get woken up at all hours from the ringing bells.
Maybe it was something around New Years? 
But even stranger... the little chapel on the island lets anyone ring the bells.
I can image that during peak tourist summer months this gets annoying to the locals.
Tourists ringing the church bells ALL DAY LONG.
Or maybe they are used to it?
 We of course tried it. 
And probably woke up some locals from an afternoon winter nap.
They even encourage you to ring it by promising you a wish...
So if you ever travel to Slovenia, you will be well prepared for the ringing of the bells.

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