May 20, 2011

PS- An English dinner and the stork

As we continue to progress with wedding planning,
we are getting down to the details.
For those of you that know Neil and I, then you know we love a good meal.
So we are paying extra care to the menus for the weekend.
That being said, England is no New Orleans and we have found it more difficult than expected
to create a menu that we think our guests will enjoy.

This is an email I received about one meal we are planning:
Dear Julie
Here is the chefs suggested menu:
Chicken liver & foie gras parfait with toasted brioche

Main course:
Whole roasted plaice with lemon & oregano dressing, pea & broad bean fricassee, buttered new potatoes

Summer pudding with Jersey Clotted cream
I hope you like the menu, would you like to try it on Thursday 2nd June?
I look forward to hearing from you

Now, we are trying to strike a balance between local specialties with a "taste from home."
I'm not sure anyone from home would know what they were eating by just reading this menu.
So needless to say, we're still working on it.  

Oh and PPS- Henry is on the way as we speak!
Remember the baby shower I blogged about.
Well, that's the little man who will be here any minute.
I don't think I've ever held a new newborn. 
So I'm really looking forward to meeting him. 

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