Jun 3, 2011


Is it really June, already?
Sorry for neglecting the blog the last few weeks.
It's been a whirlwind.
I took a trip back to Virginia for my friend Mandi's wedding.
It was stunning and made me miss Charlottesville!
Then it was back to the grind and back to reality, and June. Yikes!
I'm really looking forward to our own wedding, but I think I'm slightly in stress mode.
So I needed a few laughs and turned to our "outtakes" from our travels.
You know, the ones I never post.
There are many where these come from and they always bring a smile to my face.

 Scottish ginger
     Highland cow.
I have no influence on these whatsoever, I promise.
 Back to the Future style- we're disappearing on the Eiffel Tower
Oh wait, we're coming back. ("Earth Angel" saved us)
 Awkward. He wasn't posing with this guy, I promise. I went to snap a pic of the musician and Neil turned to look where I went.
 Nakedish guy in Paris. Did I mention we ran into a completely 100% naked guy trying to get a tan about 5 minutes before we got engaged? He thought he was in a spot where nobody would see him. Oh, but we did, and we had to step over him to continue on our way. Funny stuff. Oh Paris.
 This chic was not happy she was in my photo. Whoops. But I thought her moped was cool. Love those new Fiat 500s too. So cute
 No more
 This is what my mother looks like in a large percentage of pictures.
 Neil loves Ireland so much!
Not sure about this one.
Okay, I'll be back with more soon.
Happy June.

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