Sep 25, 2011

The Getaway Car and Decisions

One of my favorite wedding shots of all time is the getaway car shot. 
It's classic and it's that last shot of the night.
Everyone in my family seems to have one, although I don't have copies of them all.
Neil's parents

My parents
So when our photographers left before we did, it was the first thing I thought about. 
"I won't have a getaway car shot"
But I embraced it and just looked around the beautiful Divinity School.
You win some, you lose some:)
And really, I was fine knowing that we had this picture...
So when two of my beautiful friends, Holly and Meg came running after us with a camera,
I was so over the moon that we would have our own getaway shot to add to the family photos!
Speaking of a getaway. 
We may not of have a plan or a permanent home when we left our wedding...
 but just this week we have decided to pack our bags and return to New York in a few days.
We still don't have a plan or a permanent physical home, yet.
But home really is where the heart is and we are ready for our next adventure in life. 
We look back on this year and feel lucky to have many incredible memories 
and we are now going forward with some lifelong friends and experiences!

Hope you had a great weekend!