Sep 26, 2011

Let there be "Barn Light Electric"

When I read Two Ellie's post about a giveaway, you know I jumped on it. 
I was so pleased to see it was Barn Light Electric sponsoring the fantastic giveaway!
With a move in a week, we hope to soon have a space that will need some lighting. 
As I searched through their inventory, I immediately spotted a few options that I would LOVE to have in our future home.
I have these pictures saved in my kitchen inspiration files for one day.

Do you spy a common theme? Pendant lights and sconces!
I have always loved the industrial touch these bring to these more trasitional spaces. 
So take a look at these beauties from Barn Light Electric.

I can imagine the many possibilities with these beauties. Can't you?
Then there are these, which I can see outside on a deck or at the back door.

The best part? Barn Light Electric are giving away $500 or $1000 gift cards to spend as you please.
Go enter if you would like, or you can just cross your fingers for me:) 

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