Sep 28, 2011


Why oh why have the last two days been so beautiful in Oxford?
It makes packing reeeeal tough.
The sun is shining and it's warm, like summer warm. 
Just last week was pretty cold, and the nice weather comes out as we are preparing to leave?
The autumn trees and the gorgeous ivy are showing their lovely faces...
and we are indoors packing boxes. 
Well, I'm actually indoors playing on the computer and listening to the neighborhood kids run and play outside.
One just yelled "Muuuuuuum I'm not so keen to come in yet" Love it.
The ice cream man just came through the hood too. 
We've never gone running for one since we've lived here, but that doesn't mean I haven't been tempted.
Did you used to do that as a kid? Grab some money and run.
Christ Church College Chapel just rang in 4 o'clock.
These are a few of the many sights and sounds of Oxford that will be missed as we move back to New York. 
Just two more nights in our house here before we couch surf in New York. 
We are sad to say our goodbyes, excited for our hugs hello, and so thankful for friends all over the world.
Next time, from Manhattan. 
Until then...

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